Deploy your capital

Looking for a distribution network carefully managed by experienced front-line broking teams?


Consilium only partners with like-minded producing brokers, with the same desire to win and retain business.

We are dedicated to our market relationships and understand the crucial role that you play in allowing us to keep delivering for our brokers and their clients. Controlling over $1.1bn GWP annually and with double digit growth every year, we are always looking for new markets to add to our niche (re)insurance capability. Whether it's via our UK wholesale or our international facultative (re)insurance team, we have the same unified approach in protecting the interests of our capacity partners by only showing you business which fits your appetite and protecting your own reputation in everything we do.


We have recruited the best talent in the market to create our own Delegated Underwriting Authority team with significant experience in managing tri-party arrangements and generating positive returns for our capital partners. We are always looking to create new schemes and facilities for brokers and MGAs on a global basis, creating bespoke and compliant wordings and with a long term commitment to digital transformation to drive efficiency across everything we do. Being a Broker at Lloyd's is something we are proud of. Our DUA team manage over 100 facilities including business emnanating from Asia, the Caribbean, the Middle East and other emerging markets.


We embrace the opportunities that the digital world brings, because we know that it will help fuel and sustain our ambitious growth trajectory over the coming years. Digital brings many opportunities and huge upside for those that are agile enough to capitalise. From using simple applications to reduce manual tasks and their associated costs, to increasing the reach of our specialist products and pricing our risks more accurately than our peers, we know how to harness and use digital. We offer capital partners the ability to quickly launch new products and facilities, plugging into our online platforms to maintain competitive advantage by captialising on emerging risk opportunities.